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Social Housing & YMCA's Insurance

BBi are one of the leading providers of insurance programmes for social housing landlords and YMCA’s. We offer bespoke cover that is tailored to each client’s requirements and have been active in this sector for many years.

Unlike many in this sector, we are not restricted to any single Insurer. Whilst BBi has some exclusive facilities, we can access all major Insurers that offer cover in this sector. We believe that BBi is the independent choice for housing associations and YMCA’s.

Why choose BBi?

  • Unique claims model – takes into account each client’s own complaints procedure and focuses on early intervention
  • 100% customer service approach
  • Enhanced and specialist cover
  • We are Independent and can access a wide choice of insurance markets
  • Bespoke insurance programme tailored around your specific needs, wordings will be tailored accordingly
  • We can deal direct with tenants and leaseholders if required
  • Proven heritage in this sector
  • Truly cost effective solution
  • H&S services included as standard part of the package
  • Dedicated Social Housing team

Experience a better outcome and superior service.

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