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Property Owners & Investors

BBi has amassed a wealth of experience placing cover for risks ranging from single properties to portfolios with an asset value exceeding £100bn. Our expertise is recognized by our insurer partners and allows us to provide covers that aim to enhance the widest All Risks terms usually available.

The service we provide is tested by the most demanding of clients and we consistently exceed their expectations. Organising a property portfolio requires us to be part of our client’s strategy whilst providing constant, intelligent, innovative service levels that impress tenants, banks and other stakeholders.

Investors and tenants benefit from detailed attention being paid to the terms of leases and other risk control measures that help to reduce claims and make cover more appropriate.

New developments and refurbishing existing structures

We believe in developer led insurance and risk control for all but the smallest refurbishment. Whether it is annual covers that incorporate the widest contractors all risks wordings or specific contract developments we are able to advise on appropriate wordings to match the contract terms being used.

BBi Berns Brett do not restrict their service to insurance placing and welcome detailed discussions with contractors and building professionals to help guarantee that a developers assets, liabilities and future income are properly covered. We believe that frequently the insurance provisions within many standard forms of building contract are not adequately considered and this can lead to serious misconceptions of the extent of asset and future income protection developers enjoy.

We are happy to recommend solicitors with extensive development contract experience if contract redrafting advice is necessary.

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