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Marine, Haulage & Worldwide Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance is a necessity for any business that manufactures, buys or sells finished products, components or raw materials.

Transporting cargo comes with a variety of risks, including loss & damage resulting from an accident, inappropriate handling, theft, piracy & robbery and acts of god.

BBi have the experience and market access to ensure we assist your unique business needs.

Why use BBi for Cargo Insurance

A Rated insurers

You can trust that your cover will be placed with a secure and stable market.

Access to London Markets

Our established relationships with insurers means we are able to arrange complex risks that can otherwise be considered too difficult to place.

Bespoke policy wordings

Our experience in the market means that we can tailor a policy wording to meet your requirements rather than relying on an “off the shelf” product.

Marine Cargo Insurance Resources

Which Cargo Insurance is right for you?

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance

BBi can arrange insurance programmes for all types of Cargo including cover for movement of own goods on a Worldwide basis on individually tailored policies that reflect your needs.

Stock Throughput

Stock Throughput

BBi can arrange a policy that's more suited to clients involved in both the transit & storage of their own goods; cover is arranged under one simple policy to administer a seamless service.

Goods in Transit

Goods in Transit

BBi can arrange cover that incorporates longer term storage, processing or distribution centre risks, storage at any location including own, 3rd parties & retail outlets. Territorial Limits are within the UK.

How BBi help insure your cargo

Through our extensive experience of over 30 years and access to Lloyd's Markets, BBi can offer policies to suit your needs, including bespoke wordings that contain wider than standard Cargo clauses.

We cover both local and international businesses, dealing with complex needs such as military contracts, multi-continental shipping and high cargo value. 

Detailed look at our Cargo Insurance Cover

Marine Cargo Insurance

We can arrange insurance programmes for all types of Cargo, whether by sea, land or air, travelling anywhere in the world. Each cover is individually created to address the risks involved & will include a range of extensions providing wider cover than is offered under standard clauses.

Stock Throughput

Our policies can provide cover for raw materials from the time goods leave a supplier’s premises, to work in progress as well as storage or transit of finished goods for both local and overseas buyers. Cover can incorporate longer term storage, processing or distribution centre risks, storage at any location including own, 3rd parties & retail outlets.

Goods in Transit

This Insurance is either for goods belonging to the insured (i.e. tools & equipment) or held by the insured in trust and for which the insured are responsible (i.e. a courier). Goods in Transit is particularly important to couriers or those who work in the haulage industry where the goods they are transporting won't be their own so the financial implications could be even more severe than normal. Territorial Limits are within the UK.


Additional Cargo Insurance Options

Freight Forwarders Liability

Companies such as hauliers, freight forwarders, couriers or warehouse-keepers need to cover your liabilities for goods in their custody and control. You will generally operate under trading conditions that limit or exclude their liability for loss of or damage to goods that are entrusted to you. This type of Liability Insurance will cover your liability for loss or damage to customers’ goods.


Guaranteed Outturn

An extension to cover Bulk Liquids and Cargoes, predominantly Crude Oil and Petroleum products. This extends cover to include shortfall in weight between loading and discharge which can lead to financial losses.


Cargo Excess of Loss

This provides cover over and above the primary layer. Particularly useful for very high value cargoes carried on a single conveyance or stock held at locations. Enables clients to obtain full cover for their goods beyond the limits of the primary Insurers at cost effective premiums.



Rejection insurance is purchased as an add-on cover to Cargo insurance. The cover is for rejection by government, port, health and veterinary authorities and isn’t intended to cover contractual risks.


Project Cargoes & Delay in Start-Up

Project Cargo is the transit of very large or heavy equipment around the world, equipment for power stations, dams etc . About 1/10th of these items, on average, are critical, bespoke pieces of equipment that would severely delay a project if they were damaged or lost in transit.

Project owners can mitigate the financial risks by buying project cargo insurance, which usually includes delay in start-up (DSU) cover for expenses such as loss of profits, fixed costs and debt service.

Why use BBi?

Our Heritage

As Chartered Insurance Brokers, BBi have the industry knowledge, insurance experience and ease of access to new & exciting markets.

Dedicated Account Manager

You get a dedicated Account Manager, responsible for the management of your cover, giving you one point of contact for all your insurance requirements.

Dedicated Claims Team

Unlike other providers, BBi employ a dedicated in-house claims team to manage all claims from notifications to settlement ensuring we look after your interests.

Independent with 50+ years' experience

Independent & impartial long standing relationships. With extensive, up to date knowledge of the latest legislation and Health & Safety issues faced by your sector.

Tailored Cover

With our exclusive cover facility, where flexible payment methods are available, you can be sure the policy you receive is tailored for you.

One Stop Shop

Obtain coverage for the Liability of business, individual vehicle or motor fleet, personal accident, household cover and other exposures you or the business faces.