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It continues to be business as usual at BBi and we have worked hard to ensure that we maintain excellent service levels to all our clients during these difficult times. All BBi offices in the UK are now fully staffed and open, with the exception of Fenchurch Street which we hope will open in August or September. A small number of staff remain working from home.

From all at the BBi Group we wish you, your employees and your family well.


Coronavirus FAQs

May 1, 2020

The BBI Group’s role is to support our clients at every level and provide experienced advice and guidance, as well as assisting with claims on your behalf. 

The situation with regards claims as a result of COVID-19 is evolving daily. While some claims such as ‘travel’ are fairly clear cut, there is still a huge amount of discussion surrounding business insurance, particularly Business Interruption claims.

It remains the case that the majority of Commercial insurance policies contain clear exclusions of disease / pandemic incidents. However we have ascertained and it has been widely reported in the press, that certain insurers’ policy wordings are ambiguous and would suggest that there is some cover.

Please rest assured that, on your behalf, we are closely monitoring the situation, and actively challenging the Insurers positions where we feel there is ambiguity that could be interpreted in our Clients interests.  We will continue to present and support claims on our clients’ behalf. However we do not wish to give false hope either and our FAQs give most insurers’ current stance.

As with all incidents / occurrences which might give rise to an insurance claim, you should advise us at the earliest possible point to discuss matters, so that we can then notify insurers, even if, in the end, the matter does not lead to a claim. If you would like to discuss your cover then please do not hesitate to contact your usual member of the team. Our staff continue to work from home with secure access to records.

Can I have a premium break/holiday?

Premium finance houses & insurers are being inundated with requests for payment holidays and are only considering these on a case by case basis and with significant additional information regarding your proposed plan post COVID-19 for repayment. If you would like to discuss this further please get in touch with your usual contact.


Further Information