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It continues to be business as usual at BBi and we have worked hard to ensure that we maintain excellent service levels to all our clients during these difficult times. All BBi offices in the UK are now fully staffed and open, with the exception of Fenchurch Street which we hope will open in August or September. A small number of staff remain working from home.

From all at the BBi Group we wish you, your employees and your family well.


Coronavirus FAQ - Working From Home

May 1, 2020

Many members of our team are now working from home – do we need to let insurance companies know and what cover do I have?

Insurers are committed to enabling you to continue working, and for some it does mean the need to work from home, be that you as the ‘business owner’ or your employees at their homes. Most Insurers have automatically extended your existing policy cover, at no cost, to provide the same level of protection you currently enjoy whilst you and your employees carry out your normal business activities at home. This extension applies to the following covers, where insured under your existing policy:

  • Business Equipment
  • Employers Liability
  • Public Liability

In addition, most insurers will provide cover for your business equipment whilst you travel to and from home, and at home. We ask that you and your employees take reasonable precautions to protect your assets and employees during this time. Your existing policy terms, conditions and exclusions remain unaltered and apply to cover at both your home and your employee’s home. If you have any more specific questions please speak to a member of the team.