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It continues to be business as usual at BBi and we have worked hard to ensure that we maintain excellent service levels to all our clients during these difficult times. All BBi offices in the UK are now fully staffed and open, with the exception of Fenchurch Street which we hope will open in August or September. A small number of staff remain working from home.

From all at the BBi Group we wish you, your employees and your family well.


Coronavirus FAQ - Fleet and Car Insurance

May 1, 2020

Can vehicles be laid up as they are not being used?

Some insurers are allowing vehicles to be laid up, and will allow return premiums when the vehicles are confirmed to be on SORN basis – please speak with us about this. The SORN conditions must be adhered to.

My doctor self-isolated me, am I covered to drive?

Yes, unless there is medical advice that you or any driver covered by the policy have medical or physical condition which may affect ability to drive.

The Secretary of State has said Vehicle MOT’s are suspended and an allowance of 6 months has been given. My MOT runs out in this time, is my insurance still valid?

Yes, we noted there is a 6-month extension to MOTs from 30th March. Your cover is not
affected by this, and insurers will not penalise customers for something that is entirely out of their control, provided that the vehicle is kept in a roadworthy condition. Legal conditions concerning the road worthiness of your vehicle will still apply.

Can we use our vehicles to support NHS and communities?

Many of our clients will want to support people in their communities who are impacted by the Coronavirus, including the NHS Volunteer Responder scheme. If the insured, or one of their employees, use their company vehicle for voluntary purposes (non-payment) to transport medicine or groceries to support others or for the activities of an NHS Volunteer Responder, subject to the customer’s permission and any existing conditions (such as driving restrictions), their cover will not be affected – please speak with us about this.