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A Guide to Performance Bonds

May 3, 2018

Your Guide to Performance Bonds

We’re frequently asked about the difference between insurance and a surety bond. Although a surety company is typically part of an insurance company, the surety bond is not a typical insurance policy.

A Performance Bond guarantees the satisfactory completion of a project. It will protect the project owner against possible losses in case a contractor fails to perform or is unable to deliver the project.

BBi have created a Guide that simply explains Performance Bonds for you. We cover:

  • What is a Performance Bond?
  • How does a Performance Bond work?
  • Who needs a Performance Bond?
  • What do they Cost?
  • What is the Process?

If you are looking for more information on Performance Bonds, have a read of our Guide.



If you have any questions on Performance Bonds, or you want to find out how our Performance Bonds Service can protect your business, read on.

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A Guide to Performance Bonds